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This research is done on the series of books written by John Norman, the comments in italics are mine and my point of view.
Woman of Gor
Fabian Perez
“She will dance the whip dance, naked."
There are many whip dances on Gor, of various sorts. In a context of this sort, presumably not in a tavern, and without music, the
girl is expected to move, writhe and twist seductively before strong men. If she does not do well enough, if she is insufficiently
maddeningly sensuous, the whips fall not about her, but on her. When one of the men can stand it no longer be orders her to his
mat where, of course, she must be fully pleasing. If he is not, then she is whipped until she is. Then, when one man is satisfied, the
dance begins again, and continues in this fashion until all are satisfied, or tire of the sport