Women of Torvaldsland
I heard a woman sobbing with emotion to my right. "Praise the Priest-Kings," she repeated endlessly to herself, nodding her head up and down
Near her , bored, was a slender, blondish girl, looking about. He r hair was hung in a snood of scarlet yarn, bound with filaments of golden wire. She wore, over her
shoulder, a cape of white fur of the northern sea sleen. She had a scarlet vest, embroidered in gold, worn over a long-sleeved blouse of white wool, from distant Ar.
She wore, too, a log woollen skirt, dyed red, which was belted with black, with a buckle of gold, wrought in Cos. She wore shoes of black polished leather, which
folded about her ankles, laced twice, once across the instep, once about the ankle.
She saw me regarding her with interest, and looked away. Marauders of Gor, page 25
I looked again upon the slender, blondish girl, bored in the crowd. Again she looked at me, and looked away. She was richly dressed. The cape of white fur was a
splendid fur. The scarlet vest, the blouse of white wool, the long woollen skirt, red, were fine goods. The buckle from Cos was expensive. Even the shoes of black
leather were finely tooled. I supposed her the daughter of a rich merchant. There were other good looking wenches, too, in the crowd, generally blond girls, as are
most of the northern girls, many with braided hair. They were in festival finery. This was holiday in Kassau.  Marauders of Gor, page 34
I examined the younger women on the platform. None, it seemed to me, was as excellent as the slender blond girl in the cape of white sea-sleen fur and scarlet vest.
One was, however, not without interest. She was a tall, statuesque girl, lofty and proud, grey-eyed. She wore black and silver, a full, ankle-length gown of rich, black
velvet, with silver belts, or straps, that crossed over her breasts, and tied about her waist. From it, by strings, hung a silver purse, that seemed weighty. Her blond
hair was lifted from the sides and back of her head by a comb of bone and leather, like an inverted isosceles triangle, the comb fastened by a tiny black ribbon about
her neck and another such ribbon about her forehead. Her cloak, of black fur, , from the black sea sleen, glossy and deep, swirled to her ankles. It was fastened by a
large circular brooch of silver, probably from Tharna. She was doubtless the daughter of a very rich man. Shewould have manysuitors. Marauders of Gor, page 35
"Go to the bond-maid circle," said IvarForkbeard, indicating the circle he had drawn in the dirt.
The women cried out in misery. To enter the circle, if one is a female, is, by the laws of Torvaldsland, to declare oneself a bond-maid. A woman, of course, need not
to enter the circle of her own free will. She may, for example, be thrown within it, naked and bound. Howsoever she enters the circle, voluntarily, or by force, free
or secured, she emerges from it, by the laws of Torvaldsland, as a bond-maid. Marauders of Gor, page 45, 45