The Plains of Gor
Plants and Foods
The Warriors
The Kajirae
The Free Women
Dates and wine

Among these men, sitting cross-legged, was Kutaituchik, called Ubar of the Tuchuks. About Kutaituchik there were
piled various goods, mostly vessels of precious metal and strings and piles of jewels; there was silks there from Tyros;
silver from Thentis and Tharna; tapestries from the mills of Ar;
wines from Cos; dates from the city of Tor. Nomads of
Gor, page 42


..I raced past a wooden wand fixed in the earth, on top of which was placed a dried tospit, a small, wrinkled, yellowish-
white, peachlike fruit, about the size of a plum, which grows on the tospit bush, patches of which are indigenous to the
drier valleys of the western Cartius. They are bitter but edible. Nomads of Gor,  Page 59

Only the rare, long stemmed tospit contained an even number of seeds, on the Plains of Turia, or in the Land of the
Wagon Peoples, it was available only late in the summer. Here, in Tor, however, with its two growing seasons, they
might be available much earlier. Tribesman of Gor, page 45


The wagon girls, watching this, some of them chewing on fruit and stalks of grass, jeered. Nomad of Gor, page 117

Verr, Tarsks, Vulos and Tumits

The haruspexes, the readers of bosk blood and verr livers, surely would not be unaware of these, let us say, larger,
graver omens. Nomad  of Gor, page 13

There were a large number of tethered animals about the outer edge of the circle, and, beside them, stood many
haruspexes. Indeed, I supposed there must be one haruspex at least for each of the many altars in the field. Among
the animals I saw many verrs;  some domestic tarsks, their tusks sheathed; cages of flapping vulos... Nomads of Gor,
pages 170

…beyond them I saw one of the tumits, a large, flightless bird whose hooked beak, as long as my forearm, attested
only too clearly to its gustatory habits,…Nomads of Gor, page 2

It was probably developed for hunting the tumit, a huge, flightless carnivorous bird of the plains, but the Wagon
Peoples use it also, and well, as a weapon of war.

Warily now the animal began to circle, in an almost human fashion, watching the spear. It shifted delicately, feinting,
and then withdrawing, trying to draw the cast. Nomads of Gor, page 24